The Company

Peter Recycling GmbH was formed in 1999, and is based in Obersulm-Sülzbach, Germany, about 50km north of Stuttgart.

The objective of the company is to develop, demonstrate and deploy individual, ecological, legally secure, and economically sustainable recycling solutions for various producers of waste. The solutions developed by Peter Recycling GmbH help customers in the merchandising of their waste and raw materials, thus saving time and money.

With our thorough, intensive support, we can assure our customers a transparent overview of the waste removal and raw materials markets.

Thanks to longstanding contacts with both producers and users of waste materials, and an ever-expanding list of business relations in Germany and Europe, we are in a position to offer individual, affordable solutions to your waste removal problems, always complying with the applicable legal regulations.

Our staff painstakingly strive to fulfil the wishes of our customers reliably, to continue to meet the high levels of customer satisfaction that we have achieved in recent years. Hence, when selecting our employees, we insist on professional competence and the ability to work well in a team.

Certified as a Specialist disposal company under §56 of the Waste Management and Recycling Law (KrW-/AbfG), we offer our customers the assurance to fulfil our requirements.

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